Francois Broquedis François Broquedis

Associate professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology

CORSE team
Grenoble Institute of Technology,  LIG laboratory
17, rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble Cedex
email: francois.broquedis (at)

Who am I?

I’ve been holding an associate professor position in the Grenoble Institute of Technology since 2011. I’m a member of the INRIA CORSE team. My research interests mainly focus on parallel programming environments and runtime systems for shared memory HPC architectures.

Research activities

I’ve been studying runtime-level approaches to improve the performance of shared-memory parallel applications since 2007, developing two runtime systems for the OpenMP programming environment.

I developed the first one, called ForestGOMP, during my PhD (2007-2010). It mainly focuses on dynamic OpenMP threads mapping on hierarchical architectures like nowadays multicore machines. You can find more information about it on this page (in French for now, but I added some links at the bottom of the page which lead to an english version of the description of this runtime system).

I developed the second one, called libKOMP, with Thierry Gautier and Vincent Danjean from the INRIA MOAIS team I joined from 2011 to 2014. This runtime system implements OpenMP 3.0+ tasks and execute them using the work-stealing execution model, thanks to the XKaapi runtime system.  You can find more detailed information about it on this page.

Teaching (in French!)

J’enseigne actuellement en 1ère, 2e et 3e année d’école d’ingénieurs. Voici une liste des cours dans lesquels j’interviens cette année:


  • Introduction aux Réseaux de Communication

  • Algorithmique et Structures de données

  • Introduction à UNIX

  • UNIX Avancé

  • Projet Logiciel en C


  • Pratique du Système

  • Système d’Exploitation et Programmation Concurrente

  • Projet de spécialité : projet système


  • Programmation des Architectures Parallèles et Distribuées