Middleware Architecture
with Patterns and Frameworks

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This is work in progress. I started this project a few years ago, with the long term goal of developing a tutorial on middleware, illustrated by examples of open source systems. The initial plan was to publish it as a book. As this prospect became more and more remote, due to other commitments and to the moving nature of the target, I decided to make the material available "as is", in its very much incomplete and imperfect form. I expect to keep updating this site on an irregular basis, as the work goes on (see update log below).

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

The material is here.


Sacha Krakowiak

Note 1. The text is available in two formats.
The html version allows easy browsing, but a few formulas or figures may be imperfectly rendered.
The pdf version is the reference. It is available both for the whole book and for individual chapters.

Note 2. For those who can read French: another "book" on middleware, derived from a series of summer schools, is available here (or here). Although their orientation is different (the present book more conceptual, the other one more descriptive), the two books have their first two chapters in common.

Update log

February 27, 2009: added Chapter 9.
May 20, 2008: added Chapter 11 (partial).
January 15, 2008: complete version of Chapter 7.
August 24, 2007: updated Chapter 7 (still incomplete).
May 21, 2007: added Chapter 12.
March 13, 2007: initial posting (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 complete. Chapters 6, 7: partial).