Past and present

I have been teaching a wide variety of courses at Ensimag:

  • Introduction to networking (course and lab);
  • Computer networking (course and lab);
  • Mobile networks;
  • Operating system project;
  • Java programming (course and lab);
  • Unix & shell programming (course and lab);
  • Software engineering project (the famous projet compil);
  • DBMS project;
  • Coding for networks.

Other activities

  • Appointed member of CNU 27 since end 2015;
  • Member of the bureau of International Relations at Ensimag;
  • Co-head of development of the IS RefEns (référentiel des enseignements de Grenoble INP);
  • Supervisor for internships and projects.


Cours [fr]

  • Réseaux / Networking
  • Réseaux mobiles / Mobile networks
  • Projet système / Operating system lab
  • Projets de 3A / 3rd year projects (security, web apps…)

Informations supplémentaires et supports de cours et TP disponibles en ligne sur Chamilo.

Past activities