From causality to complexity :

     Foundational principles  

  in  Quantum Information


credits, J.Degorre

June 15--17, University of Grenoble

 You can see The PROGRAMME here  


The meeting may encompass themes such as :

- entanglement vs non-locality
- non-locality vs no-signaling principle in quantum information
- communication complexity
- quantum walks
- quantum cellular automata
- causality and relativity  in quantum information


Jozef Gruska (Masaryk University, Czech Republik)

Reinhard Werner (Hannover University, Germany)

Iordanis Kerenidis (CNRS, LRI, Paris, France)

Jérémie Roland (NEC Laboratories America, Princeton, USA)

Dan Browne (University College London, UK)

Stefano Pironio (Group of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland)


SPEAKERS (Normal talks)

Pablo    Arrighi   ( Grenoble)

Jean-Daniel    Bancal    (Genève)

Sean    Barrett   ( Macquarie)

Giuseppe    Castagnoli    (Italia)

André    Chailloux    (Orsay)

Julien    Degorre    (Grenoble)

Frédéric    Grosshans    (ENS Cachan)

Jozef    Gruska    (Brno)

Clare    Horsman    (Bristol)

Marc    Kaplan    (Orsay)

Elham    Kashefi    (Edinburgh)

Anthony    Leverrier    (Telecom-Paris)

Aikaterini    Mandilara    (Bruxelles)

Damian    Markham    (ENST-Paris)

Mehdi    Mhalla    (Grenoble)

Kavan    Modi    (Singapour)

Alok    Pan    (Calcutta)

Michel    Planat    (Besançon)

Ramij    Rahaman    (Bergen)

Zoltan    Zimboras   (Saarlandes)

PARTICIPANTS (confirmed)

Will be updated (final list)  after  the registration will be closed: May the 20th.


If you wish give a contribution talk about your results, please send us,
before the 20th of May,  an e-mail with your abstract at:
"Julien Degorre" <>
"Pablo Arrighi"  <>


There are a limited amount of places (~40). Registration will be closed on the 20th of May.

There is no registration fee.

Please send us an e-mail at:
Julien Degorre <>
and  Pablo Arrighi <>

The workshop has only a very limited amount of funding for people to
attend, e.g. for Ph.D. students within borders who cannot benefit from
other sources of funding.



This is the first edition of Foun. QI, but not the first
GdR-IQ-GT-IT/QICS sponsored meeting :

                                        PRACTICAL INFORMATION 


  • Maison Jean Kuntzmann
The workshop will at the "Maison Jean Kuntzmann" (MJK) on the campus of Grenoble.
Maison Jean Kuntzmann - Campus de Grenoble
110 AV. de la Chimie - BP 53 - 38041 Grenoble cedex 9

See the Google map with tram stop here

See the Map of the campus with  Maison Jean Kuntzman here

See the zoom around Maison Jean Kuntzman here.
  •  How to come on the campus of Grenoble?
The Tram, line B and C.  at" Bibliothèques Universitaires" .
See the Global map of grenoble with tram stops:  here.

See the tram map here.
Grenoble transportation Web site with some map: here.

Remark : you need to buy your ticket on the tram stop before get in the tram.

From train station to the campus:
take the line B, direction "Gières Plaine des sports", and get off  at" Bibliothèques Universitaires"
(around 20-25 mn).
Grenoble transportation info : (33) (0)4 76 20 66 66.

TRAVEL  (How to come to Grenoble ?)

          Paris - Grenoble : 3h
          Lyon - Grenoble : 1h30
          Geneve - Grenoble: 2h

  •  By Plane: 
           Grenoble airport: easy jet, ...  Here
           Lyon St exupery airport Here
           There is Bus every hour between Grenoble train station and St Exupery airport (and vice versa)
           (trip around 1 hour) see time table here,  you can buy your ticket at the airport.


We have booked (until 31 th of may)  several room with a special fare:
68 euro double room with  breakfast for 2 people include.
60 euro single with breakfast
please precise FOUND QI conference when you book the room.
There is some room with two  beds, if you want share the room with somebody else.
You can book on the web site  of the hotel here

                     PLEASE, BOOK THE ROOM BEFORE THE 31 TH OF MAY

  • If you prefer an other hotel see:
                                    - Hôtel des Alpes
                                    - Hôtel de la Bastille
                                    - Hôtel de l'Institut


Grenoble tourist office, see here.


Julien Degorre <>
and  Pablo Arrighi <>.

For informations about Quantum Computation in Grenoble and the CAPP team see