I am a Research Engineer currently working for the CNRS at the LIG laboratory, near Grenoble, France.


I like complex problems (those for which we are not sure we will find a solution).

About programming:

  • I can program in Python, C, C++, Java, and bash
  • I released a small set of open source tools
  • I won the IOCCC contest in 2015 and 2019

I also have some knowledge of GNU/Linux internals and expertise in a small set of research domains (see below).

Current activities

My list of research papers is here.

Lately, I have been mainly working with the following Research teams:

  • Drakkar, about networks
  • Steamer, about geographic information systems
  • Slide, about datamining


I got a master degree of computer science at the french “Grande école” ISIMA in 2002. Then I have been working for the industry at Vertech’ until 2008. At this time I was hired by the CNRS, with a position at UREC and then at LIG.

Contact info

Checkout my page in the lab members directory.

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