In this article, I explain what was needed to optimize a bash script provided by one of my colleagues. The background of the story is true…

It is available at page 54 of GNU/Linux Magazine 147 (march 2012).

Update: This article is now available online for free.

I wrote an article that was just published in Open Silicium 4 (october / november / december 2011, in french).

With this article one can learn through funny examples how to inject code using the LD_PRELOAD environment variable.

This technique is available on most UNIX/Linux systems and allows to modify the behaviour of binaries without modifying them.

With my colleague Xavier Jeannin, we have just written an article about IPv6-compliant programming for the french GNU/Linux Magazine. It is available at page 90 of GNU/Linux Magazine number 138 (may 2011).

The following topics are treated:

  • IPv6 programming techniques (with the example of a simple TCP server and client)
  • How to check IPv6 compliance of applications
  • Which tools can be used when migrating the source code is not possible (e.g. if the source is not available): 6tunnel, IPv6 CARE.

I have just built the following animated image, that shows how close we are getting from IPv4 address exhaustion. It shows which /8 networks have been allocated by IANA (turning from green to red) from the start of the internet up to now.