I am a tenured CNRS research scientist in the SLIDE team at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, since October 2017. Prior to this I was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems working with Krishna Gummadi. I obtained my PhD in 2014 from the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris.

If you want a quick glimpse of some of my lates research check the two articles I wrote for The Conversation: Facebook’s ‘transparency’ efforts hide key reasons for showing ads and Publicité en ligne : reprenons la main !

We have developped a very cool tool that allows you to see statistics about who targets you with ads on Facebook. Check it out and let us know what you think: AdAnalyst

I am looking for motivated interns, PhD students and postdocs. If you are interested in working in security and privacy problems related to social computing and online advertising drop me an email with a brief statement of interest and a CV.
Check the three open positions I have.


May/June 2019 Wrote two articles for The Conversation on my latest research: Facebook’s ‘transparency’ efforts hide key reasons for showing ads and Publicité en ligne : reprenons la main !
Nov. 6 2018 Our paper was accepted to NDSS'19! Great job Thanos and Marcio!
Oct. 23 2018 Our paper was accepted to FAT*'19! Congrats everyone!
July 27 2018 I will be in matternity leave until the end of the year, we are expecting our second boy! I will probably be more than fashionably late answering emails.
Feb. 07 2018 If you are worried by the NYTimes Follower Factory articles and you are afraid you might have been impersonated check our service to detect impersonation attacks: http://impersonation.mpi-sws.org/!
Jan. 07 2018 WIRED ran an article on our attacks discovered in the S&P paper.
Dec. 27 2017 We have a IEEE S&P paper! Congrats Giri and Thanos!
Oct. 26 2017 We have a NDSS paper! Congrats Thanos and Giri!
Oct. 3 2017 I have three internship propositions:
July 7 2017 My project PRoTect was funded by the ANR in the JCJC program. I am looking for motivated interns and PhD students!
July 2016 Starting October 2017 I will be a permanent CNRS researcher in the LIG lab in Grenoble.
June 9 2016 Patrick Loiseau (EURECOM) and I have been awarded a research grant from the Data Transparency lab for our project “TranspAd: A Collaborative Tool to Bring Transparency to Targeted Advertising”.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in security and privacy aspects of social computing systems (online systems that provide services to people and that have at their core the data produced by them: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix) and online advertising. In my projects I try to understand problems in current systems trough data collection and data mining (measurement and analysis) and propose better solutions (systems design and implementation, data mining algorithms).

My current research projects focus on the following three aspects:
  • Privacy: measure and control the image users leave online (e.g., what data a potential employer could mine about me online?)
  • Transparency: understand the consequences of users's actions on the services they receive (e.g., why am I being targeted with this particular ad?)
  • Trust: estimate the trustworthiness of users and content online (e.g., is this review fake or real?)




Doctoral students


AdAnalyst A tool that provides aggregate statistics about the ads a user receives on Facebook

IdentityImpersonation A tool that allows users to check whether they are impersonated on Twitter


    PC Co-chair: WWW 2015 PhD Symposium
    PC Member: APVP (2017), WebSci (2017, 2016), IEEE TrustCom (2016), SIMPLEX (2015)
    Award Committee: Data Transparency Lab - DTL 2017
    Reviewer: Elsevier Online Social Networks and Media, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE/ACM Trans- actions on Networking, ACM Transactions on the Web, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
    External reviewer: AAAI (2017), FC (2015), Euro S&P (2015), INFOCOM (2013), NDSS (2013), S&P (2013)

Open Positions


Patrick Loiseau is my wonderful husband. It is rather cool be able to work together and do science over a glass of wine.
Update 1: ... after our son goes to bed .
Update 2: This statement is no longer true after the birth of our second son... we are just walking zombies amazed another day passed and we are still alive!