Martin Kirchgessner

PhD. candidate, advised by Sihem Amer-Yahia & Vincent Leroy.
Funded by the Datalyse project.
Member of the SLIDE team.

Last updated: September, 27th 2016.


Research interests

I am adapting a selection of pattern enumeration algorithms to big data: such data mining techniques should remain relevant despite the long-tail distribution of the content, and should leverage parallel and distributed systems.



Laboratoire LIG - D101
681 rue de la Passerelle
38402 Saint-Martin d'Hères - France




Born in 1987, Martin firstly encountered a command line around 1995 and wrote his first lines of code (Visual Basic !) in 2000. He graduated from Grenoble INP's Ensimag in 2008 (Master degree in computer engineering). After three years spent in an entrepreneurship adventure, he worked as a Web application developer and then considered starting a PhD. He joined the LIG in 2012, starting its pattern mining research with Marie-Christine Rousset and Alexandre Termier.

By the way: Kirchgessner is (simply) pronounced as if it was written "Kirgessner".


UMR 5217 - Laboratoire LIG - 110 av. de la Chimie - Domaine Universitaire - BP 53 - 38041 Grenoble - cedex 9 - Tel: 04 76 51 43 61 - Fax: 04 76 51 49 85 - Directeur: Hervé Martin