Associate Professor at Univ. Grenoble Alpes

Associate Professor in Computer science at Univ. Grenoble Alpes

Since 2020, September.

Teacher at Grenoble IAEManagement des Systèmes d’Information et des Flux department.

Researcher at Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG): in the STeamer group Spatial and Temporal Information Systems

Research interests: Geographic Information System, Open Data Web, Knowledge Graph, Machine Learning, Spatiotemporal data, modeling evolution of artefacts, Interoperability.

PhD: Immersing evolving geographic divisions in the semantic Web –Towards spatiotemporal knowledge graphs to reflect territorial dynamics over time

Research project:
My research project aims at representing in the Web of distributed data, also called Linked Open Data (LOD) Web/Cloud or Semantic Web, the evolution of data over time. In many domains, having only the latest versions of a dataset or having several versions of these datasets but without any link between them, does not allow users to understand the data and its evolution. For example, when the values of a statistical indicator measuring the population of a region increase rapidly from time t to time t+1, automatically describing this evolution (associating a semantic label such as « strong increase ») and seeking to contextualize this change by linking it to encyclopedic databases or to information in social networks, allows for a better understanding of the data and for the creation of knowledge describing their evolution and the reasons for this evolution over time. This knowledge, gathered in a network, in the LOD Web can then be exploited by dedicated programs, allowing to visualize data using appropriate visualization interfaces (cartographic visualization, data lifeline…). The representation of changes faces conceptual and technical barriers that need to be overcome in order to respond to the challenge of data openness that public organizations are facing today. My research project consists in proposing ontological models and software solutions for the publication and integration of evolving data in the LOD Cloud. My objective is to create and automatically feed a spatiotemporal knowledge graph combining geographical datasets, historical information and statistical data in the Web of Linked Data in order to help territorial stakeholders and citizens to understand territorial dynamics over time. This project is at the crossroads of issues related to the Semantic Web and Geographic Information Systems

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