Francis JAMBON
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble – Université Grenoble Alpes
GazeNSearch SearchNGaze scientific objectives are to study the impact of the use of eye-tracking on the performance of an information search engine.

Our hypothesis is that «knowing the information read by the user on the results page returned by a search engine could effectively improve the relevance of the results provided».

This proof of concept mimics a classical Web search engine and features a configurable inline query reformulation mechanism based on eye gaze features. The application also has a data collection module for offline analysis.

This platform was developed in the GELATI project.
MacCoy Driving Simulator
MacCoy The MacCoy driving simulator is the light desktop version of the full-scale IFSTTAR/LEPSIS static simulator. The simulator has an external view composed of three 19" LCD screens and a dashboard composed of a single 15" screen. A Logitech G27 racing wheel is used to simulate the car controls.

The desktop simulator and the full-scale simulator shares the same software configuration (developped by IFSTTAR), and so, we could develop add-ons for the desktop version while minimizing integration issues with the full-scale simulator.

The simulator can send in real-time many useful data: vehicule state, driver actions, and areas of interest (AOI) that the driver can see from the simulated world (surrounded by red rectangles in the illustration).

The simulator is an element of a demonstrator of a platform for learning of non-technical skills. This simulator is used in the context of the MacCoy Critical project. My contribution is related to the integration of a multi-screen eye-tracking system.
PILOTE2 Flight Simulator
PILOTE2 It is a Cessna 172SP aircraft simulator with classic or G1000 instrument panel. It was designed with, in mind, the analysis of instruments readings by pilots. So, the simulator was literally «built around» a Tobii 1750 eye-tracker.

The simulator has an external view composed of three 20" screens, and a central instrument panel composed of a single 17" screen (a Tobii 1750 eye-tracker). The simulation software is Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and a set of Saitek Flight Pro devices are used to simulate physical flight controls. A black canopy can be added on top of the simulator in order to increase pilots’ feeling of immersion, and to reduce infrared interference for the eye-tracker.

This simulator is an element of a versatile platform for research on technology enhanced learning environments. It features a real-time data collection system that sends on a network bus pilot’s instruments readings, pilot’s actions, and all technical parameters of the simulated aircraft. Depending on the research questions, different algorithms are then used to analyze, in real-time, the data.

I designed this simulator and created add-on analysis softwares for the PILOTE2 project.
TELEOS Surgery Simulator
TELEOS It simulates vertebroplasty and iliosacral screw fixation in percutaneous orthopaedic surgery.

The simulator uses real scanner images to generate x-rays images from different angles. A Phantom Omni haptic device is used to simulate force feedback when manipulating the surgical instrument (an orthopaedic trocar). Moreover, surgeons’ perceptions of key anatomic zones of x-rays images are recorded via a Tobii 1750 or T60 eye-tracker.

The simulator is an element of a demonstrator for a computer-assisted human learning environment. In this environment, an intelligent tutoring system makes the integration of situation variables, perceptual and gestural data, to provide different types of feedback to trainers, according to a diagnosed state of knowledge.

The simulator was design for the TELEOS project. My contribution to the platform is the integration of an eye-gaze analysis system for the detection of surgeons’ perceptions.


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