Main research activities

My research is mostly focused on wireless networks these days. I began working on this topic in 1999, while participating in the @irs then @irs++ projects, in which wireless LANs were a key component of our contribution.

Here is a list of topics I am interested in, but not limited to:

  • Wireless MAC for low overhead and fair access;
  • Cross-layer for efficient forwarding and access;
  • Mesh networking for all wireless architectures;
  • Wireless sensor networks;
  • Efficient MAC for low power networks;
  • Routing in WSN;
  • Security for embedded devices and WSN.

Here are some of the areas I worked on and contributed to in the past:

  • IP mobility and efficient forwarding;
  • IPv6 and DHCPv6;
  • Service discovery and composition;
  • Auto-configuration;
  • Quality of Service;
  • Multimedia description.

Publication list


Former students

  • PhD: Mickaël, Timothy, Pierre, Andreina, Célestin, Michal, Malisa, Jun-Young, Isabel, Maru, Eryk, Yan, Paul, Sorin, Justi, Cristina, Pawel, Tony
  • Master: Timothy, Jun-Young, Catalin, Loubna, Romaric, Sorin, Justi, Rémi
  • Jorge Luis, Cosmin, Joao, Matheus, Bastien, PH, German, PH, Damien, and many others!


Past projects: CIFRE Digigram, FUNCAP-INS2I CNRS IoT-PDP, PEPS OCAAA Chariot, FUI IoTize, AGIR WalT, ANR DataTweet, ANR Iris, ICT Calipso, ANR Aresa 2, ANR Elan, IST WIP,

RNRT Aresa, Airnet, Safari, jDHCPv6 (Sun labs funding), VTHD++, @irs++, @irs, LAFMI project with Antonio García Macías at CICESE

Software and things

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