13 November 2014

This post is a compilation of things that I have found to configure properly an old Intel CoreDuo MacMini 1,1 that was upgraded to a MacMini 2,1 with an Intel Core2Duo T7200 processor following the known procedure and a brand new 2,1 EFI firmware (which is bizarrely missing at Apple).

Problem booting on USB flashdrive, I had to use a DVD. This ended up with a grub-pc BIOS install of Debian.


  1. EFI-Booting Ubuntu on a Mac
  2. Debian EFI mode boot on a Macbook Pro, without rEFIt
  3. EFI mode boot on Macbook3,1 with Debian
  4. Booting Linux inside a MacBook using grub and EFI
  5. GRUB “No suitable mode found” error
  6. Configurer correctement son clavier MAC sous Debian