Research Topics

— Adaptive and reconfigurable systems
— Reflexive component models
— Autonomic management

My research interests are about adapting or reconfiguring software systems at runtime, either structurally (e.g., adding or removing software components), architecturally (e.g., changing the distributed topology of the system) or from a behavioral point of view (e.g., updating some components). Adapting a software system during its execution raises several challenges: how to provide a zero-downtime adaptation process? how to ensure that the resulting system stays functional? how to manage unexpected situations such as failures occurring while the adaptation process in in progress?.
I am interested in concepts, models and protocols allowing to tackle adaptability and its associated challenges. I put a particular interest in component-based programming models, reconfiguration protocol, autonomic control loops, and reflective systems. I strongly believe in the power of models@runtime approaches, promoted by reflective systems, as a key element to gain robust adaptability.


Activities (past and present)


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