I participate to the following projects.

Current projects

  • LongEval lab for CLEF 2023: Longitudinal Evaluation of  Model Performance (presentation at CLEF 2022)
  • Kodicare (3 years, from 11/2019): Knowledge Delta based improvement and continuous evaluation of retrieval engines (ANR PRCI project leader).

Past projects

  • Equitri: study on the equity for ranking. LIG Laboratory project (leader).
  • Gelati: study of eye-tracking for Relevance Feedback. LIG Laboratory project.
  • RespIR: Personalized socialized information Retrieval. Région Rhone-Alpes Project. In cooperation with Dr. Géry from the LaHC in Saint Étienne.
  • Guimuteic: Headmounted device for musem visits. Industrial project.
  • Eirap: One year project, dedciated to study evaluation of IR systems, by comparing lab and crowd-sourced text relevance assessments (EU funded), with F. Scholer (RMIT, Melbourne).
  • CLICIDE : One Clic one Guide (museum visits). Rhone-Alpes region project.
  • LIMA : Rhone-Alpes region network.
  • Quaero : video indexing and retrieval.
  • PENG   : Personalized  access to multimedia news. 2004-2006 (Projet Européen Framework Program 6)
  • Structured documents retrieval : France Télécom research contract (2005-2007)
  • DIVA : Indexing and retrieval of still and moving personal images. 2000-2003. Singapore.
  • Participation at TRECVID2004 : Retrieval of videos. 2004
  • WIMUR : Indexing and retrieval of Web images. 2006-2007. Local project.
  • FERMI : Formalization and Experimentation of Multimedia Information retrieval. European project. ESPRIT Basic Research Action project.

1998-2003. Co-Director of IPAL in Singapore.

I co-headed the first academic joint-laboratory between the National University of Singapore, the the Institute for Infocomm Research, the french Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble.