Research repository


Papers repository (if not in HAL)

  • Jean Martinet, Shin’ichi Satoh, Yves Chiaramella, Philippe Mulhem:
    Media objects for user-centered similarity matching. Multim. Tools Appl. 39(2): 263-291 (2008) (pdf)
  • Gabriela Nicole González Sáez, Philippe Mulhem, Lorraine Goeuriot:
    Towards the Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems on Evolving Datasets with Pivot Systems. CLEF 2021: 91-102 (pdf)
  • Maxime Portaz, Matthias Kohl, Jean-Pierre Chevallet, Georges Quénot, Philippe Mulhem:
    Object instance identification with fully convolutional networks. Multim. Tools Appl. 78(3): 2747-2764 (2019) (pdf)
  • Yves Chiaramella, Philippe Mulhem, Franck Fourel, A model for multimedia information retrieval, Fermi BRA Project N.8134, technical report 4/96, 1996 (pdf). NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE !

Teaching repository

For ICA, pdf file for the first part of the the lessons Fondements_RI.