Sacha Krakowiak
Affiliation Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus
Université Grenoble Alpes



E-mail firstname dot lastname at inria dot fr

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My main activities are as follows:

Most recent talk [in French]: Quelques aspects de l’histoire des systèmes d’exploitation [Some Aspects of the History of Operating Systems]. Séminaire grenoblois d’histoire de l’informatique et du numérique, Aconit, January 2016 [video]


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I am currently teaching a course on the history of computing. Below is a list of courses I taught before retiring, in September 2007. I make no commitment to keep this material up to date.
L'enseignement des “systèmes” [teaching “systems”: why, what, how, for whom?]

École d’été sur l’Intergiciel et la Construction d’Applications Réparties (ICAR 2006), Aug. 28-Sep. 1, 2006.  This is the last in a series of summer schools on Middleware and Distributed Applications, which includes: ( summer 2003 | summer 1999 | summer 1998 | summer 1996 )


Wide Audience Presentations


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