International Activities

  • In November 2012, in the framework of the European Tempus project 159035 ERAMIS, continuation of the previous Tempus project, I gave a one-week course on constraint satisfaction techniques for Master students, at the University of Astrakhan, Russia.
  • From September 2006 to September 2009, I participated in the European Tempus Project CD-JEP26235-2005, led by the University Pierre Mendès France, gathering Italian (University of Genoa), Polish (University of Lublin), Spanish (University of Alicante) and French (University Pierre Mendès France), in order to set up at the Kirghiz National University in Bishkek (training of Kirghiz colleagues), a Double Competence Master in Computer Science and Social Sciences, based on the DCISS speciality of the Master IC2A.