From September 1996 (date of my recruitment at the University) until July 2014 (beginning of my first mandate as Vice-President), I taught in first (DEUG then Licence/Bachelor) and second (Master, DESS, DEA then Master) university cycles (at Grenoble Alpes University, formerly Pierre Mendès France University – Grenoble 2), as well as in engineering school (ENSIMAG – Grenoble INP), in the form of courses, TD and TP, a wide spectrum of general computer science subjects: systems and networks, algorithms, programming languages (Scheme, C++, Java…), databases, software engineering, logic, mathematics for computer science, Web languages…, as well as more specific subjects, in connection with my research topics: constraint programming, XML, ontologies and knowledge representation, decision support systems, geographic information systems, geographic web services…

During this period, I have exercised various co-responsibilities (DCISS, Master of site, Master, Professional License…), carried several pedagogical models, and I have co-created a Professional License.

My two successive mandates as Vice-President ended on December 31, 2019. For the second semester of the 2019-2020 year, I have provided half a teaching service focused on algorithmics, functional programming, grammars and formal languages. The CRCT (leave for research) I obtained in 2020-2021 exempted me from teaching.

Since September 2021, I have resumed full-time service in the Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to the Human and Social Sciences department. In addition to algorithms and databases, I also teach in 2 UE of knowledge representations for the Web (XML, RDF, JSON, SPARQL, OWL,…) and the Business Intelligence UE.I am pedagogical co-responsible for the internships of the 2nd year students of the DCISS course of the Master MIASHS.I also took over the responsibility of the 2nd year of the DCISS course of the Master MIASHS.